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"Thank you to the folks at Coastal Clay for consistently providing beautiful and high quality pieces of pottery! I am a repeat customer who is always satisfied with the products I receive, and will continue buying. My favorites are the mugs and plates, and I especially love the versatility of the Deep Baker! Keep up the good work guys!"


"My kitchen is full of Coastal Clay! It’s beautifully designed and so easy to use and prepare food in. I get compliments every time I bring it to a party or get together and often give it as a gift, it’s a perfect thank you, wedding or birthday gift! The new line is stunning, it’s a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. I just have it as a housewarming gift and my friend fell in love with it! I can’t get enough!!"


"My choice for plates, bowls and cups, large and small, square and round, in every color choice possible, is only Coastal Clay. I absolutely love the way they look and I especially love to mix and match all the different styles and colors. Sam, Sarah and Jessica are pretty awesome as well. I highly recommend any and all pottery from Coastal Clay!"


"Coastal Clay is the best of both worlds: beautiful artwork and versatile functionality. I have seen their operation in action and level of care and detail that is put into each piece is unparalleled. Sam and Sarah pour their hearts into their work and it shows in every mug, plate, and Brie baker. I highly recommend that anyone add a few Coastal Clay pieces to their home."


"This pottery is wonderful! It makes me feel so happy every time I use it. The colors are bright and beautiful to look at, and it sets them apart from other pottery I’ve seen. My favorite are the soup mugs. I eat everything I can out of them!! Can’t get enough of this pottery!"


"I have bought the complete dinnerware set. So pleased I went back and ordered rice bowls and custom made bowls. Great Christian people who love what they do. I won't buy pottery from anyone else."
"We have so much of their pottery because we absolutely love it. Fell in love first with a new set of dog bowls about 5 years ago and from there grew into a complete serving setup for 12 with all the serving bowls and extras! Absolutely love their work and recommend them to everyone. Will even be ordering soon another set for our recently married son and his wife. You won't be disappointed!"
-Jeff and Judy
"This pottery is so pretty and very functional. I drink my morning coffee out of one of a variety of mugs that I have. It’s my 'go to' gift because everyone loves it."
"Our family has been raving over the Deep Baker. It’s perfect for our family mac and cheese night while providing a beautiful display for when we host. Coastal Clay is high quality product! We keep coming back to them for our dining needs."