Our Story


Growing up in coastal New England, then spending over a decade on the Florida coast, some of our most beautiful life moments were spent on the sand, looking out at the endless blue waves. During college we’d enjoy countless carefree days on the beach, soaking up every ray of sun we could. When Sam proposed to me, we spent the day celebrating in the little seaside town of Watch Hill. On our wedding day, we went for a walk along the coast to revel in the excitement of what just happened. One summer night, we helped set up a proposal between two of our dearest friends with writing in wildflowers along the sand. When a little chocolate lab puppy joined our family, we'd take him to romp and play along the shore. So many morning sunrises, after work swims, and lazy strolls looking for seashells-the coast became a part of who we are, and our ultimate definition of natural beauty. 
Now, as Coastal Clay, that natural beauty inspires our art. We aim to add beauty into the every day utility of our pieces, and to increase your quality of life, even the slightest bit, by quiet, yet beautiful artistry. The coast fills our souls, and we want to share that experience with everyone who uses one of our pieces.
We are back at home in New England, raising three perfect babies, ages 3, 2, and 5 months. We have a home pottery studio in a refurbished barn on our land. While one of us creates, we can look out through the large windows to see our children play and explore in the yard. What a gift to be able to do what we love without having to sacrifice time away from the ones we love. 
As an investment in our children, Coastal Clay donates a portion of sales to organizations that protect our oceans and clean our shores. We also use only Eco-friendly and recyclable packing materials in effort to prevent any more plastic from reaching the oceans. We want the future generations to have an untainted experience of the same delight and inspiration we found whenever our feet touched the shore. 
Coastal Clay