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Our Story

Welcome to our family run pottery studio!

We are Sam and Sarah, a husband and wife team from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Growing up in coastal New England, then spending over a decade on the Florida coast, some of our most beautiful life moments were spent on the sand, looking out at the endless blue waves.  So many morning sunrises, after work swims, and lazy strolls looking for seashells-the coast became a part of who we are, and our ultimate definition of natural beauty.

Now, as Coastal Clay, that natural beauty inspires our art. We aim to add beauty into the everyday utility of our pieces, and to increase your quality of life, even the slightest bit, by quiet, yet beautiful artistry.

We've been featured in hundreds of retail galleries, restaurants and museums around the country as well as the cover of Connecticut Magazine for our handcrafted designs.

Each piece is thoughtfully handmade with the utmost care in detail and design. We aim for the highest standard of communication throughout your ordering process and hand wrap each piece for safe, fast shipping.

We specialize in dinnerware sets, pottery coffee mugs, casserole dishes, serving platters and much more to make the most thoughtful gifts for bridal showers, weddings, housewarming gifts and anniversaries that will be treasured for years to come.

Lastly as an investment in our three beautiful children, Coastal Clay donates a portion of sales to organizations that protect our oceans and clean our shores. We want the future generations to have an untainted experience of the same delight and inspiration we found whenever our feet touched the shore.

To see behind the scenes videos of our pottery being made, sneak peeks of new designs, shop updates and exclusive discounts, follow us on Instagram!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Make yourself at home and let us know if you have any questions.

Sam and Sarah
Coastal Clay