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Rainbows and Quarantine

Bottleneck Vase
Has anyone else’s kitchen table turned into arts and crafts central the last couple weeks?  🙋
What a whirlwind this quarantine time has been of ever changing information and ever increasing levels of crazy. 
And then trying to explain it all to little kids and keep them busy in the house when there’s no school, everything is closed, and every activity has been canceled, during what’s been quite a rainy start to spring on top of it. 😓
I overheard my 2 year old playing with his toy barn and horse by himself in his room the other day saying “Sorry horsey, barn is closed today, the sickness is goin ‘round.” 🤣😷
During the nonstop arts and crafts lately, my kids have drawn soooo many rainbows that at first I thought were just cute, but now Im actually convinced they’re trying to tell us something..
#lookup #dontworry #thefutureisstillbright 🌈
It would be so easy to wallow in the negatives of this season and fear the unknowns. 
The majority of our business is wholesale-and with gift shops, galleries, and restaurants all closed, well, it doesn’t put us in an easy spot to say the least. 
But we’ve been making a conscious effort to look for the GIFTS in this season instead, and combat the fear with thankfulness. 
It looks a little like this throughout the day: 
“Extra time with my kids is PRECIOUS, thank you 😊
“Less time driving is amazing, thank you”
“Nowhere to rush=less time wasted impatiently herding kids out the door to try to make it somewhere on time, thank you!”
“The extra time at home helped our son get fully potty trained, THANK YOU GOD🙌
And less time working on wholesale orders means more time to be creative with new pieces, evaluate business goals, and strategize for our future.
(thank you 🙏)
A shift in perspective to see the beauty in life, even in great uncertainty, really does change everything. 
So how can our little business help you during this crazy time in history? Our goal has always been to add beauty into the everyday things, increasing quality of life even the slightest bit for someone using our pottery. 
So we’ve been busy creating a few new pieces (The Sandbox) to brighten up your time at home, remind us all that it’s still spring, and that the future is still bright.
Our small business and family is thankful for YOU!
Praying peace and health over you all,
Coastal Clay
P.S. How are you practicing gratitude during all of this craziness? Let's encourage each other in the comments below!


  • Coastal Clay

    Yes! I love that! Turning back to the simpler things and slowing down with family is definitely something to be grateful for ❤️

  • Karissa kane

    Thank you for showing us your heart and reminding us that there is always something to be thankful for evening in the midst of the unknown.

    Apparently like the rest of the country (evidence from the lack of flour), my girls and I have been baking together. I’ve taken the time to show them the art of creating with food which has started a catalyst to gardening. Another art I believe is dying because of the mass production. These crazy times have been helping us return to the foundation of the home. Redefining family in this modern world. ❤️

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