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Planting and Coping

By this point of about a month into quarantine, I’m sure everyone’s coping mechanisms are out in full force. Some binge watch tv shows-(sometimes I daydream about what I would do without kids during this time, and I’d totally binge watch on my phone while bubble bath-ing🙋🏻‍♀️) some have started online workout programs 💪, some are baking or cooking incessantly, some wander to the fridge, open it, stare inside, realize they’re not really hungry and close it, only to wander back and do it again 7 minutes later... the list goes on.

I cook everyday anyway, and although I’ve done more baking than usual, I haven’t gone too crazy with it yet. I sadly have no time to read books or binge tv, and when I try to workout, my kids treat my body as a human jungle gym. I wish I could do spring cleaning and organizing, but with 3 little kids that’s not really much of an option either..

One new thing I have been doing though, (besides the fridge stare 😂) is gardening!
I don’t have the best history with taking care of plants (most have died from chronic over or under-watering ) so I stayed away from it for a while, but I thought it would be a fun “Spring-y” thing to do with the kids. And I can’t believe how much we’re enjoying it so far!

I haven’t dug a garden or anything and I definitely don’t pretend to know what I’m doing yet. We JUST started with some lavender seed packets I put in the kids’ Easter baskets, a few kitchen herbs, a couple succulents, and potting some houseplant shoots that were given to me by a friend. But it’s safe to say I’m hooked. I’m already buying more flower seeds and dreaming about fruits and veggies for the summer!

The kids absolutely LOVE being free to play in the dirt (funny that’s actually what we do for a living😉) It’s also been really educational for them-learning about the roots, the soil, what the plants need, how they grow etc. And they’re so into taking care of their plants now-watering, checking on growth, moving our outside ones when it’s raining too hard, telling them they love them 😆

(Side note: We had a big yellow mum in the fall and every time we watered her I had the kids tell her how beautiful she was. Sometimes Rio would even hug her and kiss the flowers 😂- and seriously, that plant was huge and stunning.)

Out in the studio, Sam’s been busy creating and making all my flower pot dreams come true, and I’m excited to share the ones I’ve tested out so far! I’m so obsessed with them I’ve been using them for other things around the house too, like the tiny one as a soap dish for our bathroom and a bigger one on our outside porch table to (somewhat) contain the kids treasures (pine cones, flowers, rocks etc etc etc 😆) from our nature walks.

ANYWAY, I totally see why people get so into gardening now. It’s such a simple thing but so rewarding. It’s been a calming, creative outlet in a time of a whole lot of uncertainty, is teaching my kids (and myself) patience, and a hopeful expectation of growth.❤️

Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on these pots, share any funny coping mechanisms you’ve taken on during quarantine, or just to give me some good gardening advice 😆I’ll take it all!



  • nardrjzndn

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Coastal Clay

    Judy- that is such good advice thank you!! ❤️It’s becoming my happy place too 😊

  • Coastal Clay

    Haha Karissa if I can do it anyone can! We got this 💪😘And I’m following your baking lead for sure 🤤

  • Coastal Clay

    Thanks Mark and Wendy for your kind words! We’d love that!

  • Karissa

    These look wonderful! I’ve actually been one of those moms that have taken on baking as a hobby and excessively baking all kind of goods. I’ve even been thinking about gardening but like you said, I too, cannot keep a plant alive. Therefore, you won’t want any advice from me in that arena. I’ll be following your lead…maybe. 😉

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