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Coffee and Yoga

Oh mornings.

Some people love them and some hate them, and there doesn’t seem to be many who are in between. I have always been a night owl, late sleeper, groggy morning hater. Looking back, if I had started drinking coffee in high school I probably could have avoided at least a few of the like 37 tardies I got one year. 

Having children has made it exponentially worse because I have been up multiple times a night with them for the last 4.5 YEARS, and turned into the world’s lightest sleeper, which means I am even more tired in the morning. 
Don’t worry though, this blog isn’t to complain 😆 but to share my current morning routine which has actually turned me into some kind of morning person (not full on, but I’m getting there.) 
Sam (thankfully) is a natural morning person, like he sets an alarm for 4:45 a.m. because he actually enjoys waking up then! And he’s passed out, usually on the couch unintentionally, before 10 every night. He doesn’t drink coffee, he’s just naturally at his best in the early hours. 
So, the way we’ve made our lives work for us these past few years of parenthood is me on night duty and Sam on morning duty. If the baby wakes up or one of the older kids needs something in the middle of the night, I take care of it and Sam sleeps. And in the morning, Sam gets up early and is awake when the kids start waking up (at like 5:15 😳) He lets me sleep with a noise machine on to drown out some of the chaos from downstairs, then gently brings me up a cup of coffee around 6:30.  I get to wake up slowly to a fresh mug of coffee, and let my body and mind adjust for a few minutes to being awake. I then have some time to read, pray, meditate, worship, or whatever I’m feeling for that morning. I also take a few minutes to plan out the day for the kids so I can write out their chalkboard “schedule” that they love so much. After that I put on some music, and do my yoga flow. Which is totally whatever I’m feeling that day. This not only helps my back make it through the day chasing around 3 little kids (or working in the studio depending on the day) but also energizes and relaxes me at the same time. We have big windows in our room upstairs with plenty of morning light shining through so it’s a really beautiful space for it and has plenty of room.
Taking that short time for myself in the morning really sets the tone for the entire day, and on the days when I miss it for some reason I can reallllllly feel the difference. But when I do get enough rest and take care of myself physically and spiritually through that simple morning routine, it honestly makes me so much more able and willing to take care of my family well for the rest of the day. It’s my little oasis of peace amidst the craziness of life with kids and working from home. 
I’m curious to know if being a night or morning person has ever changed throughout different seasons of life for some of you? Or what your favorite morning routines/traditions are? How do you take care of yourself so you can better take care of those around you? 
Would love to hear from you below ❤️


  • Coastal Clay

    Haha yes! Sometimes I don’t want to but then I’m always happy I did after… I have so much more energy 💪but also….. coffee 😉

  • Jessica

    I loved ur blog! I need to be a morning person 😞 it would be helpful lol. I’m going to be forced into it very soon so I’m working on ways to make it as smooth as possible. Doing early yoga was a thought before I even read ur blog! I may have to make it happen now…

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